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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Jan. 24

We have a few great games on tonight for you that include Brady and Baylor, Junior and Marquette and a nice conference battle between Iowa State and Melin Ejim and Texas and Myck all right here ...

Here is where the men are playing today …

8:00pm Baylor @ Oklahoma – Do I really need to tell you that Brady Heslip will be gunning tonight? And with Baylor having lost two straight, they'll need his outside scoring tonight.

8:00pm South Florida @ Marquette – Junior Cadougan has been the steady point man that Marquette needed this season and he’s been great. Not really called on to score so much (only averaging 6.5) he’s been passing the rock to the tune of 5.6 assists per game on the season and 7.4 in his last five games. With South Florida looking to make a mark in the Big East this season, this could be a tough out for the Golden Eagles, who sit tied with them in conference play at 5-2.

8:05pm Bradley @ Southern Illinois9:00pm Kentucky @ Georgia9:00pm Iowa State @ Texas – This will be a great game to watch because you’ll have two young Canadian players going at it. Both teams are in a retooling phase of sorts and Melvin Ejim for Iowa State and Myck Kabongo are going to be key components to that for at least next season. Ejim has been inserted into the starting lineup recently and in his last five games he’s averaging 10 pts, 4.8 rebounds and 1.6 steals and seemingly finding a role on the transfer heavy roster. Myck on the other hand is averaging 9.4 points, 4.8 assists, 1.4 rebounds and a steal in his last five games that included back-to-back double-doubles. He’s been inconsistent this season and you could have expected that with a Longhorns team that is not as talented as previous editions but he’s been playing through and doing well, relatively speaking. With both teams looking to make a push to get into the NCAA Tournament, this is a must win game for both teams early.

10:00pm Seattle @ UC Irvine

And here is where the women (woman really) are playing today …

7:00pm Cincinnati @Villanova