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RaptorsHQ Rapid Recap - Chicago Bulls 77 - Toronto Raptors 64

-Yes, that is the final score. No we're not running the old Rapid Recap at the end of 3 quarters. The Chicago Bulls and the Toronto Raptors fought it out in a swamp-like exhibition of basketball, with the Bulls' talent shining through in the game's final quarter. The verdict? A 77 to 64 win.

-How bad was the offense? Neither team shot above 40 per cent from the field and both teams were quite horrendous from long-range. However the Raps did the Bulls one better by hitting only ONE free-throw all night all the while only attempting seven, and scored 12 measly points in the game's deciding quarter.

-That's what did the Raps in as both teams did very solid jobs defensively. The Bulls though got extra possessions when it counted down the stretch, hit more shots, and Derrick Rose was...well...Derrick Rose. He finished with 18 points and 11 assists to lead the Bulls, but he had lots of help as five Bulls hit double figures.

-For the Raps, both DeMar DeRozan and Leandro Barbosa had 15 points, but neither had what you'd call "great" games. DeRozan failed to get to the free-throw line once in a game that sorely demanded his aggressiveness while Leandro Barbosa hit only 7 of the 20 shots he took. To make matters worse, James Johnson, who was the Raptors only other double-digit scorer with 12, injured his ankle late in the game and had to leave for good.

-The Bulls are good, but it's pretty hard to win against any team when you score 64 points. Luckily it sounds like Andrea Bargnani's calf is better than expected, and both he and Jerryd Bayless should return soon, because without a full deck, it's admittedly tough to see the team generating enough offense to beat the next slate of clubs the Raps' face. Eight of Toronto's next nine games are on the road as well.