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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Jan. 13

This is a light night before Super Saturday tomorrow but there are a few games that you can check out right here ...

Remember that you can find the full list of players playing in Division 1 right here.

7:00pm Princeton @ Cornell

7:00pm Cleveland State @ Butler

8:05pm Drake @ Evansville

8:05pm Bradley @ Wichita State

9:00pm St. Peter's @ Niagara

9:00pm Creighton @ Illinois State

And here is where the women are playing tonight ...

11:00am Canisius @ Manhattan - If anyone is playing hookey from work or is on an early lunch, check out this game. There are three Canadians playing heavy minutes and Jamie Ruttle has been the putting up big scoring numbers of late.

11:30am St. Peter's @ Loyola (MD)

7:00pm Yale @ Brown

7:00pm Niagara @ Siena