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Raptors HQ Lunchbox Links for September 27, 2011

This week's edition of lunchbox links starts with some Andrea Bargnani love.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In Wages of Wins' Team Stats from Eurobasket 2011 (part II), Bargs actually finished tops in terms of Wins Produced for his Italian club.

Devin Dignam, author of the post, further extrapolates on Bargs' performance, as well as other current and former Raptors in his NBeh?: Eurobasket 2011: Raptors Edition.

One former Raptor who wasn't on a roster for any of the international tourneys was Matt Bonner, No. 21 in the's continued look at the "Ultimate Raptors Rankings."

More Raptors' talk as it was announced yesterday that Raptors' free agent big man Joey Dorsey has signed with Spanish team Caja Laboral.  A big shout out to Joey and his agent, Lance Young, who we spoke with earlier this summer, as we know how hard Lance was working to find the right overseas situation for his client.

Should the Toronto Raptors Try to Make a Move for Russell Westbrook?  Should we ever link to Bleacher Report again after an article like this?

Moving from Raptors' news to the NBA lock-out, Sports notes that the Lockout must end to avoid hoops nightmare.  NBA Super Agent David Falk states in an interview with the Fan590 that he could solve the lockout saying "I Could Make This Deal in One Day," while SB Nation's Ridiculous Upside notes that the NBA Lockout Could Lead To Interesting Training Camp Rosters.

Also at SB Nation, and following up on our post from yesterday, Tom Ziller hopes that we can dismiss contraction from NBA lockout talks.

Jay-Z and the Nets are set to open up play in Brooklyn next September while over at Grantland, Malcolm Gladwell discusses the move from a macro level in relation to the NBA's current economic reality.

Finally, we may not have an NBA season, but that isn't stopping Celticsblog from starting up their annual NBA preview series.  They kick things off with the Southwest Division: