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RaptorsHQ Sunday Poll - Which Draft Scenario Do You Prefer, Should the NBA Lockout Continue?

On Friday afternoon we discussed some options regarding the upcoming NBA draft, should the lockout continue and wipe out the entire season.

I apparently made up one option, but the discussion yielded some interesting thoughts on what's best for the Toronto Raptors, regarding the draft.

Unfortunately, as reported by one of our readers though, there's a chance that there may not be a draft at all.

Why would the NBA have to cancel the draft?

From an ESPN Insider piece:

"Currently the league has very strict protocols in place banning NBA personnel from talking to or interacting with players. That protocol affects the draft as well. While NBA scouts and personnel always have been banned from speaking with college players until they officially enter the draft, the league has taken more stringent measures to prevent contact. As long as the lockout is in force, NBA scouts are banned from attending college practices this year - they can only go to games. And it could get worse."

Right now though, we're going to make like the draft is going down, and so the obvious Sunday poll question is...