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Random Raptors' Fan of the Week

There's almost nothing that cracks me up like people wearing random sports team gear.

A 17 year-old with a Darius Miles, Clippers' jersey at a baseball game.

A 3 year old with a T-Wolves toque and mitts.

There's just something about these situations that I find amusing, because they always make me wonder how they arose in the first place.

Was the 1- year old a big Clippers' fan, or did he nab the jersey at a Value Village?

Were the 3-year old's parents huge KG fans?

With that in mind, and with no end in sight to the lock-out, I thought it might be funny to start posting some photos of random Torontonians in Raptors' gear.  I took the two below on a streetcar earlier this week and was dying to ask the wearer why he was rocking an old-school Dinos' cap.  Or if he could name a single player from the team, in any era.

(Although who knows, maybe he was a big Walt Williams fan...)

Unfortunately no go as I had to get off before I got the chance.

However I did manage to snap these two pics...



Hopefully we can make this a regular weekly piece so if readers have any good shots, or even photos of random gear they themselves own, send it to us at, or post them on our Facebook page!