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Raptors HQ Lunchbox Links for August 8, 2011

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Been a while since we've done a good LBL session so figured I'd get them going again today with a myriad of Raptors and non-Raptors related topics.

To start, DeMar DeRozan apologizes for Drew League fracas.  Seems like DeMar was feeling left out considering the recent exploits of Matt Barnes and Mike Beasley and wanted to get in on the action.

Next, in regards to the Toronto Raptors' apparent GM search, the LA Times argues that Toronto needs to avoid Kevin Pritchard, and look at Dennis Lindsey.  This is topic we'll probably be discussing a lot more in the coming weeks but the Times makes a few interesting points here.

And finishing off the Raptors talk, it wouldn't be summer if we didn't have a Wages of Wins piece looking at Mr. Andrea Bargnani.  Devin Dignam takes a deep dive into Andrea's numbers and reaches a scary conclusion:

Toronto would be better off signing JR Smith as a free agent.

However it's not all bad for Bargs.'s Zach Lowe puts Andrea as the league's 66th best player in the league on his off-season "100 Best NBA Players" list.

Moving onto lockout talk, SB Nation's NBA editors have been running a pretty funny series called "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things."  Each day there's a new blurb on some of the NBA's more ridiculous contracts that in many ways have led to this current work stoppage situation.

The first in the series?

The beauty awarded to Mike James after his one-year audition with the Raps.

SB Nation also takes an interesting look at two other lock-out related stories:

-The emergence of NBA teams' own practice facilities.

-And how the sale of the Atlanta Hawks is directly tied into the current labour strife.

Enjoy your lunch and we'll be back tomorrow with the first in our series of looks at rebranding the Toronto Raptors.