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Raptors HQ Lunchbox Links for August 31, 2011

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Lockout, lockout and more lockout...

We'll start as usual on that topic with Yahoo Sports noting that the NBA and its players are meeting today.  We're getting to the point that training camps are in serious jeopardy, and yet it seems that both sides are quite far away.  In fact, NBAPA Vice President Maurice Evans Picks "Generic" as the Best Word to Describe Lockout Negotiations.


Meanwhile, more and more players are finding overseas' homes in the interim, the newest being the Denver Nuggets' Wilson Chandler.

And if you're curious about where NBA studs like Garrett Temple and Lavoy Allen ended up, Sports Illustrated keeps track of all the overseas movement.

Speaking of overseas, Hoopsrumors presents some video of the Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas taking on Pau Gasol, in the recent Spain vs Lithuania match.

Closer to home, presents this bizarre list of Marginal Raptors.

Marginal to me means Jamario Moon, which they got right.

Antonio Davis?

Yogi Stewart?

Not so much.

On the topic of former Raptors, Wages of Wins notes two former Dinos who rank among their list of NBA Players that Peaked Late.

And want to play some ball with DeMar this summer?  Sure...if you don't mind sharing the rock with Game and Bow Wow...

Looking around the NBA, Brew Hoop has an exclusive Interview with Assistant GM Jeff Weltmank, the bulk of it focussed on the role of analytics in regards to NBA team management.

Off the court, Ball Don't Lie discusses if it's fair to wonder if the Gilbert Arenas duel put Javaris Crittenton over the edge?

Crittenton of course is scheduled to appear in court today to answer to murder charges, after the shooting of Jullian Jones.

And finally, we'll end this week's links with a great mash-up courtesy of  This one's a collabo of the band's work, with one of the classic Reebok commercials from the Iverson era.

Regardless of how you felt about Iverson from an efficiency standpoint, the ad, as well as the other stuff at makes me miss one of the most exciting players I've ever had the opportunity to see up close.