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Raptors HQ Lunchbox Links for August 24, 2011

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She's pretty slow right now in terms of NBA news.

Compounding what is usually some of the longest days of the off-season for basketball fans is of course the lock-out, to which there's still no end in sight.

SB Nation's Tom Ziller though takes an interesting look at how Small-Market Owners Can Win The NBA Lockout, arguing that the little guys may have a real advantage.

He also discusses the dark side of a potential hard salary cap.

Meanwhile, SI's Ian Thomsen notes the wariness that currently exists in terms of Euroleague teams signing NBA players under contract 

And if the lock-out continues for an extended period, could a New League in Las Vegas be the answer?

On the Raptors' front, The Score's Holly MacKenzie chats with DeMar DeRozan as he evaluates his peers.

Meanwhile the Wages of Wins' David Berri looks at how "Best and Worst Means Something Different for Each NBA Team"

Finally...a pretty solid Class of '11 Collection of T's.

Makes me think we should make some with iconic Raptors' images on them; Mo Pete and the headband, VC's one-arm dunk, Milt Palacio bricking a lay-up...