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When You Hear the Words "Toronto Raptors" You Think...

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What does the average NBA blogger think about the Toronto Raptors?  The HQ finds out...

On Monday I discussed the perception of the Toronto Raptors and how changing that was going to be a key component of any type of rebranding exercise.  I wagered that the average NBA fan thought the club to be a bit on the irrelevant side of things, but had no hard evidence to say that indeed, this was the correct perception of the team by the NBA public.

Therefore I decided to do an impromptu survey of sorts.

I reached out to our crack team of basketball bloggers at SB Nation, to get their take on the Raps.

The ask?

Simply email me the first few words that come to mind when you hear the name, "Toronto Raptors."

Here were the results:

-Cartoonish dinosaur



-Antonio Davis (seriously)

-Kobe's 81 (trust me, I wish I didn't remember that so vividly)

Tom Ziller - Sactown Royalty, SB Nation's Lead Basketball Writer





-Oh Canada

-Skeets & Tas

-stumbling mascot -

Jeff Clark - Celticsblog


-Jurassic Park

-Foreign Born team

-Constant rebuild

Nate Timmons, Denver Stiffs



-Exchange rates

-Hockey / Snow

Honestly, as a team we see only twice per year, on the other side of the country, that's not done much in the playoffs, it leaves very little impression of the franchise in my mind.

Seth Pollack - Bright Side of the Sun


-Fan grudges

-Jurassic Park

-Vince Carter

-Chris Bosh

Ben Swanson - Rufus on Fire


-Vince Carter

-Butch Carter

-Great city that NBA players don't appreciate

-Should be renamed the Huskies

Andrew Feinstein - Denver Stiffs


-Vince Carter

-Jurassic Park




Mike Prada - Bullets Forever, Editor - SB Nation


-Damon Stoudamire

-rookie of the year

J.A. Sherman - Welcome to Loud City


-Bosh resembling a raptor

-That's all I got, eh?

Lisa Rotter - Mavs Moneyball




-Air Canada

-Basketball Jones


Frank Madden, Brewhoop


-Vince Carter

-Chris Bosh

-Bad name

-Great town

-Lots of Euro players

Steve Perrin, Clipsnation


-Vince Carter

-Charles Oakley

-Awesomely Cheezy 90s Uniforms

-Passport Issues

Zebulun Benbrook - Welcome to Loud City


-Hakeem's last stop

-Bonner's first stop

-Beautiful city (Hollywood's less expensive stand-in for n.y.)

-Team shunned by both McGrady and Carter

Dale Dye - Pounding the Rock



Well the bulk of responses typically fell into one of two categories, either hearkening back to the team's glory-days (Vince Carter, Hakeem, Oakley etc), or unfortunate stereotypes (taxes, passport issues, Euroleague, hockey etc.)

However as you can see above, there wasn't a single response like "tradition," "dominant," or even "offense," words that probably would be used to describe other NBA teams like the Lakers and Celtics.

And really, I didn't expect there to be.

As we've pointed out recently, when your franchise has a .409 winning percentage, it's hard to evoke too many images of greatness.

Again, fielding a consistently successful team on the court helps change part of a team's perception, but a rebrand would also go a long way towards tearing down some of the other stereotypes associated with the club.