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Raptors HQ Lunchbox Links for August 18, 2011

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Let's kick off this edition of LBL with some lock-out talk as usual.

Former Raptor Chris Bosh Believes Owners And Players Will Get To A Solution Very Quickly, and gives his take on how things may go down.

Of course it's pretty hard to take Bosh very seriously considering his recent back tattoo which judge for yourself.

David Stern has sounded the alarm, suggesting Labor Day As Key Date As Impasse Wears On, and Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski notes that NBA stars may face roadblock to play in China if they're looking to jump overseas.

More lock-out discussion in 95 Theses On The NBA Lockout: How To Fix Our Imploding League - if neither side will present a new proposal to end the lockout, SB Nation will.

And in their continuing This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things series, Quentin Richardson...

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Outside of lock-out talk, it seems that if basketball ever returns, the 2013 NBA All-Star Game is Headed To Houston.

While there's little going on in Raptors-land, Raptors Republic takes a look at the Impact of Not Having Summer League.

DeMar Derozan and Derrick Williams Go Back-and-Forth in Drew League action.  While DD uses some crafty moves to get by the former Arizona stud on one possession, Williams comes right back at DeMar and schools him with an extremely dirty crossover of his own.

Two of DeRozan's teammates, James Johnson and Linas Kleiza, show up on on Hardwood Paroxysm's "Exercises In Futility:The 50 Worst NBA Rotation Players."

Considering these were just players 50 to 41, we very well may see a number of other Raps show up on this list before it's through.

On a much brighter note, the newest member of the Toronto Raptors, Jonas Valanciunas, ranked at the top of the Wages of Wins' FIBA All-Tournament Team.  Big Val was named MVP by the journal, and it wasn't even close.

Former Raptor Jimmy King isn't all-tournament anything nowadays.

He's working to settle a child support claim that had him arrested earlier this month.

And finally this Saturday is Sports Day In "The Square'’ as Maple Leaf Square will be hosting a free interactive event for fans.

Among the activities?

A dunk tank featuring MLSE employees, including Richard Peddie.  

Is it safe to say that Raptors' fans are already lining up for their shot?