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RHQ Sunday Poll - Should the Toronto Raptors Re-Brand?

Is this lock-out done yet?

Well apparently both sides are meeting again tomorrow to give this thing another go, but I've got the feeling we've got a ways to go before anything gets resolved.

Luckily, the HQ has some stuff next week that should help the time go by a bit faster, including an insightful interview with Joey Dorsey's agent Tuesday morning, and some thoughts from Julian Wright on his NBA future.

That will conclude our look at the team's own free agents, and then we'll move onto something a lot bigger; the future of the Toronto Raptors.

It's been something I've been mulling for a while and something we've kicked around on the site in the past. However I thought this poll would help kick-start future discussions.

So give me your take.

Should MLSE management take this lock-out opportunity to get rid of the purple/red/black dinosaur, switch to the Husky, or something else, and completely change the team's "brand" going forward?

Good question...