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RaptorsHQ Sunday Poll - Should the Raptors avoid drafting Canadian prospects?

Yesterday we profiled yet another lottery pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, Tristan Thompson.

He might not be slated to go in the top five, or even top 10, but it's not impossible that somehow he ends up as a member of the Toronto Raptors.

However as some readers noted in the comments, would that be a good thing?

Thompson is not only a Canadian, but an Ontario native to boot, and therefore the pressure on him if he were to be drafted by the Raptors, could be excruciating.

A few years back, a similar situation arose come draft day, as the Dinos had a second-round pick, and it looked like another Canadian, Denham Brown, might be within their reach.

The Thompson situation though would be magnified by his lottery draft status, which brings us to today's query...