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Lunchbox Links

Check out SB Nation's Draft Lottery preview for the Toronto Raptors.

Who deserves to win the lottery? Who needs to win the most? And why the heck is Doug Smith being given a front row seat for the behind-the-scenes action in Secaucus?!

The Basketball Jones has a very scientific method of predicting the lottery winner.

Ian Levy of Hickory High created a statistical means for comparing draft prospects to draft prospects from previous seasons. For example, Kemba Walker's closest comparisons include Troy Bell, Eric Maynor and Devin Harris.

The NBA's 20 Most Harmful Players in 2010-11 features a familiar name at the top of the list.

Ed Davis finished ninth in Courtside Analyst's Final 2010-11 NBA Rookie Win Chart.

Check out parts one and two of NBeh? blog's 2010-11 Raptor Charts, as well as this overview of NBA draft prospects.

Former Raptor Charles Oakley is suing a Las Vegas resort over a 2010 beat down.