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D-Day - Raptors' GM Bryan Colangelo Speaks to the Media

After a necessary few days off, the HQ team prepares for Bryan Colangelo to give his annual take on the season...

In just over an hour's time, Toronto Raptors' GM Bryan Colangelo will be addressing the media regarding the recently concluded 2010-11 season.

In previous years, the noon presser allowed us to take an "extended lunch break" from our 9 to 5 jobs, and stop by for the session.  Unfortunately this time around, thanks to said jobs, we'll have to watch the replay on NBA TV Canada, and follow along via Twitter updates from media peers.

I'll start though by saying that I'm not really sure what to expect either from this annual Q and A.

Many of the questions that make the most sense to ask, particularly involving the future of the management group in place, won't be answerable for some time.

Sure, Colangelo will probably say that he wants to return, but the real interesting stuff, like whether Glen Silvestri is standing in the way of a contractual extension etc, BC may not be able to comment on.

However I'm hoping we get his take on things like:

-Triano's future and how he thinks the second year coach performed.

-Andrea Bargnani.

-The upcoming draft.

-The season that was.

-What the club will do with the trade exception that only has a few months left before expiry.

-The team's use of advanced stats.

Ok so the last one I asked him about last year and probably won't be brought up again this time around, but the point is that there are a ton of questions that need to be addressed, the big one on a macro level being BC's overall masterplan for this club; how do you go from a 47 win team to a 22 win one over the course of five years?

Hopefully all of these queries and more will be involved in this morning's session, and we'll post a link to any live updates the attending media have.

Then tomorrow morning we'll start to dig through the various quotes and excerpts, using the player exit interview session from last Thursday as context.

Do I expect anything ground-breaking to come out of this morning's session?


However in a season that many could consider a "new low" for the franchise, it would nice to see some accountability from the main responsible for putting the team in this position.