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Lunchbox Links

This is arguably the greatest two and a half minutes of basketball analysis you'll ever see.

Live-action NBA coverage is now available on Rogers On Demand Online.

Dave Johns of Slate Magazine asks whether basketball advanced-box-score stats really work while the Courtside Analyst blog destroys the mythology supporting the author's work.

Will coaches cede control to data analysts?

Raptors Republic's Tom Liston checks in with a terrific update from M.I.T.’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and explores the myth of the hot hand.

The Raptors fall to 28th in the latest edition of SB Nation's NBA Power Rankings.

The NBA matters more when its elite players are clustered together on glamour teams rather than spread thin across the map, and when those teams are the ones populating the playoff brackets.

Social media and the business of sports.

Sonny Weems is not happy with his reduced role.

The elusive Bostrich caught on film.

Mark Cuban hopes to lose, and lose badly, someday.

Cuttino Mobley has your weed.