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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Mar. 7

Today we have a big game out west that could put the Zags in the Tournament or on the Tournament Bubble.  Find out who else is playing today right here ...


Marquee Matchup

9:00pm Gonzaga vs. Saint Mary’s

A Gonzaga and Saint Mary’s WCC final was what most people would have expected to see but the path that they took to get here was a little rocky.  After they had both stumbled through their conference seasons, here is they are.  Gonzaga beat a very good San Francisco by four to get here yesterday and frankly if the Zags weren’t in this game, there was a very good possibility that they would not be in the NCAAs this year.  Sacre was saddled with four fouls during the game limiting him to only 25 minutes but they were very effective minutes.  He had 12 points and 7 rebounds and is looking better since that two week stretch where he injured his wrist.  With his game being for all the marbles and a trip to dance in March, expect Sacre to leave it all out on the floor tonight.  By the way, if you you’ve noticed that I haven’t been talking much about Kelly Olynyk and Manny Arop, well there really isn’t much to talk about.  They have both suffered from diminished minute syndrome and have seen their playing time spike and drop so drastically that they can be considered non factors right now which is a little disheartening to say.


And here is where everyone else is playing today …

7:00pm St. Peter’s vs. Iona

9:30pm Ark-Little Rock vs. Middle Tennessee State