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From Long Distance with Jevohn Sheperd

Shep returns is riding the wave of success he's built right now and is taking it to the next level ... in a new uniform for a new team.
Shep returns is riding the wave of success he's built right now and is taking it to the next level ... in a new uniform for a new team.

We return with another installment of Jevohn Sheperd in From Long Distance.  Check out what he's been up to this last week and why he's been a little MIA the last few ...


Well a lot has happened since I last blogged! Last night was the deadline for teams to have their final rosters in for the remainder of the season, after a few hectic days and hours I'm now a member of the Frankfurt Skyliners of the BBL. Currently they sit second in the standings and are expected to make a deep playoff run.  It was a great opportunity for me and fortunately my former team the Girolive Ballers granted my release so that I could make this move and pursue greater goals.  It’s crazy how fast things can happen, a couple of hours ago I was suiting up with the Ballers and cracking  jokes with my teammates, then within hours I'm packed and en route  to a new team, new city, and new atmosphere.  It’s tough and the hardest part for me was leaving my coaches and teammates. Over time you build a bond because you go through so much and fight through adversity together on and off the court. In a situation like this where I am so far from home, the Girolive family became my family, so the decision making process (to move to the Skyliners) was real tough but at the same time I was forced to quickly separate business and family and do what was best for my life plan.


The management side (of the deal) was also hectic.  While I was in the office getting my paperwork done coaches were running around trying to scour the internet and talking with agents looking for (player) replacements.  This all had to be done within hours due to the fast approaching deadline.  Ironically enough, we just played one of my good friends Tristan Blackwood so I mentioned his name and within hours he was a member of the Girolive Ballers. The transition was bitter sweet because though I was on 'pursuit of happyness' (shout out to Will) I do wish I could have played more games with my former teammates and Tristan as well.


But I am excited about this upcoming situation. From what I've heard the head coach, Gordon Herbert, is second to none in the BBL and is Canadian as well.  I should arrive in Frankfurt in a couple hours, do my physicals and testing and then head to practice.  My first few practices will be interesting since I will have to learn the new systems, meet the new coaches and blend with the new teammates. In Osnabruck I was used to having the ball in my hands a lot, in this system I'm going to have to work hard at contributing greatly without the ball. Luckily I will have a lot of older guys with experience, some NBA and others with high level European clubs (like Roger Powell and AJ Moye), which should make this learning curve and transition easier.  (Jevohn's first game as a Skyliner will be March 5 against the Lti Geissen 46ers)


One thing that I will easily be able to adjust to is being in a big city. When I first got to Osnabruck it was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll suburban! I remember hearing a horse one morning and thought I was dreaming, little did I know after a morning glance out the window, that a stallion was prancing around chewing grass, as he stared back at me with the same lost look I stared at him with. I'm not a fan of country living but for that ten second stare I felt ok, like me and the stallion bonded.  I just wish he would keep a little more quiet in the morning; but then again, he probably wishes I kept more quiet at 4 am when Skyping family and friends at home. However, I digress especially since that will all change now because Frankfurt is one of the major cities in Germany.  I’ll definitely like this location more.  I'm use to the Toronto city life so (this place) will definitely be more up my alley (No pun intended with Alley ... D Wood).


Lastly I just want to wish my former team best of luck with the remainder of the season.  We had a lot of laughs, ups and downs. I learned a lot from the experience and wanted to thank you all for making my first pro experience across the waters memorable! (And now for the Oscar speech …) Big Tom: BOW BOW BOW WAKKA WAKKA.  Big Joe: You got the best hands lol.  Igor: if I had a penny for every time you made reference to Israel or Israelis I’d be rich.  Fleet: Them boys through a wrench in it uh, lol. Nothing good comes out of you and Zo talking when all I can hear is bass and Zo trying to hold in the laugh. PG:  anytime I hear you say dawwwwwwg I know everything’s good with you.  PAPI: Its sheeeeeeep/cheap beef lmaooo.  What’s a goon to a goblin.  Lil Joe how you kept everyone’s heads together.  I don't know but it’s been 7 months and I’m still yet to see u get fully warm.  Oh and don't let a rebound bounce in your area and expect you to get it lol. UWE:  I’ll never forget the day you came to the locker room with one pair of Nike Air Forces and one pair of Reeboks lol.  BASSY: Your not German, you’re a real roots man.  Didn't know I would come across one out here especially not in Osnabruck.  Lil Big Timmy: Thank you spin cycle.  Need I say more lol.  We came in together, left together.  Thanks for everything Big Bro you opened my eyes to a lot.  BIGGGGG Country : Dammm I don’t even know where to start with you.  Tooooo many jokes to even say one but the thing I respected most about you no matter what or who, we could all count on you.  Very rare to come across someone like you.  Marko Simic:  "piss on deems court" lol.  Serbs are the best.  Yadda yadda, ya learn more English clowwwnnn.  Coach T - I have yet to see you make a layup when your demonstrating a drill, but thanks again it was a pleasure working with you I look forward to once again in the near future.  Daniela and Christian Somberg, thank you for the opportunity to play for your club.  Last but not least the fans you guys were great stuck with us through it all and continue to do so.  Good luck in Friday’s game!!!!


As always, a big shout to Mr. Sheperd for sharing his experiences with us here.  Remember that you can always ask Jevohn questions by simply posting them in the comment section or by emailing us.