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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Mar. 25

Tonight with three Canadians left in the post season, we feature all three contests and one of them has a shot to into a post season championship game ...


Marquee Matchups

7:15pm Marquette vs. North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament

Tonight is a huge game for Marquette who have already slain a few Goliaths this season.  They have taken out UConn, Notre Dame and both West Virginia and Syracuse twice but will have enough to get past North Carolina?  The Golden Eagles have played in a few tight games in their year and they know how to tighten up when needed to to put them within striking distance of a potential win so this one could come down to a few possessions late.  Junior Cadougan has been playing well these NCAAs including coming alive at key moments in the win that put Marquette into the Sweet Sixteen.  I would expect him to be matched up with either Kendall Marshall or Larry Drew for good parts of the game since he's a good defender pay particular attention when he's in the floor.  Cadougan will need to help lock down the Tar Heel backcourt for the Golden Eagles to have a chance to win.  


7:27pm Richmond vs. Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament

The Richmond Spiders continue their run through the NCAA Tournament by facing Kansas.  Not exactly the best way to begin your weekend but the Spiders have won their last nine games straight and anything is possible.  In the big win over Vanderbilt to start the tournament, Francis-Cedric Martel had a great game off the bench going for 12 points and 5 rebounds in 27 minutes.  He always seems to play big in big minutes against very good teams so keep an eye out on him in this game. 


8:00pm Santa Clara vs. Southern Methodist in the College Invitational Tournament

Santa Clara is one game away from a post season tournament championship match up but first they will need to beat Southern Methodist.  Marc Trasolini had his worst game of the post season being held to 6 points and 5 rebounds in the huge win over conference rival San Franscicso to get to here tonight.  Both these two teams are fairly evenly matched so this will be an interesting contest.  For Santa Clara, if they can get the win they will be playing in a post season championship game for the first time ever.  But for them to get there, Traz will definitely need to bring his all around game tonight and help them punch their ticket to the promised land.