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Raptors' Rapid Recap - Denver Nuggets 123 - Toronto Raptors 90

-This is going to be the rapid, RAPID version of the usual recap simply because there's not much to recap. Simply put, the Toronto Raptors put forth their worst effort of the season and got smoked by nearly 40 points tonight, losing 123 to 90 to the Denver Nuggets. Not a single Raptor played well, not even Alexis Ajinca, and this was as complete a domination as you'll probably see at an NBA level.

-Yes, fatigue, altitude, injuries (Amir didn't play the second half) etc, etc were probably all factors. But the Raps were also completely outplayed and looked out of synch at both ends all night. They'll just have to put this one past them, try to dwell on the positives from the win over OKC last night, and move on to prepare for the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday.