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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Mar. 21

Tonight's lone matchup features two up and coming young guards in one of the other post season tournament ...


Marquee Matchup

8:00pm Davidson vs. Creighton in the College Basketball Invitational

Tonight’s only matchup that features Canadians actually features two up and coming ones.  Davidson’s Nik Cochran has had some great shooting games this season that included four 20 plus point games and is showing that he can be a viable scoring option.  Creighton’s Jahenns Manigat was inserted into the starting lineup in February and has played well, particularly in the last game where he dropped 17 points in the win over San Jose State.  This game will be good to see these two young bucks going at it and more importantly how they both handle to the pressure being in another do or die game this late in the season.  Creighton may have the upper hand here but only slightly.