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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Mar. 19

Today we have a big game with the Zags taking on Jimmer and Company looking for a win.  Find out who else is playing today right here ...


Marquee Matchup

7:45pm Gonzaga vs. Brigham Young

Gonzaga stunned St. John’s two days ago beating the Red Storm, easily. I for one was pretty surprised that they won and won by a hefty margin.  The BYU team that they are facing today will likely be a similar team only they have Jimmer Freddette who is a major difference maker.  There will be a very small chance that the Zags will be able to truly contain Jimmer who hasn’t scored in single digits all season.  They are good perimeter team, especially now that they are forced to be more so now, so they should look to beat them at their only true weakspot - in the paint.  That will mean that there should be a concerted effort to try to beat the Cougars down in the middle where they are thin since the dismissal Brandon Davies.  Rob Sacre will be the likely first target in the post since he’s the lone seven footer that Gonzaga plays regularly and he’ll have to play bigger here today.  In the victory over the Red Storm, Sacre had 9 points and 9 rebounds in 30 minutes which is good but he’s definitely a better player than 9 points on 4-of-11 shooting.  Look for him to step up in this game against this Cougar team.  In this game, you can expect to see more of Kelly Olynyk and maybe even Manny Arop. 


And here is where everybody else is playing today …

NCAA Tournament

5:15pm Morehead St. vs. Richmond  

8:40pm Kansas State vs. Wisconsin


National Invitational Tournament

2:00pm Charleston @ Cleveland State