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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Mar. 17

Today we have a very, very good match up of Bulldogs trying to withstand a tough Red Storm.  Find out who else is playing today in the many tournaments right here ...


Marquee Matchup

9:45pm Gonzaga vs. St. John’s in the NCAA Tournament

Gonzaga has had a real roller coaster of a season but after struggling through the first half of their West Coast Conference schedule, they rattled off nine straight wins to get to this game against St. John’s.  The Red Storm have been slaying the giants of the Big East all year counting wins against Georgetown, Villanova, Notre Dame, UConn and Pitt not to mention Duke.  This means that Gonzaga will have to be on their very best game tonight, period.  The Zags have a slight advantage in the frontcourt and will likely by looking to feed Robert Sacre often to at least initiate in the halfcourt.  Sacre has averaged 13.8 points, 5 rebounds and just over a block in the last five games but the worrying thing is that in two of those games he grabbed 3 and 0 off the glass.  With a team like the Red Storm, Sacre and the Zags will need to rebound, control the tempo and slow the game down.  If St. John’s gets into a running game with Gonzaga, then it may be all Storm.


NCAA Tournament

4:10pm Richmond vs. Vanderbilt

7:20pm Bucknell vs. UConn – On paper, and maybe in the back of all our minds, Bucknell may be on UConn’s way to the Sweet Sixteen but it will be fun to watch Bryson Johnson take it the Huskies defense. 

7:27pm Belmont vs. Wisconsin

9:57pm Utah State vs. Kansas State