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"Listen, we’re the seventh or eighth best shooting team in the NBA without being able to make a three-point shot. We have one game where we don’t really get it going from a variety of guys so let’s just (bleeping) relax a little bit."

That little bit of wisdom arrives courtesy of Toronto Raptors' head coach Jay Triano via Doug Smith's blog. The problem with Triano's logic? Well, it proves once again that the Raptors organization has little grasp of advanced statistics.

In addition, as Tom Liston of Raptors Republic points out, Triano seems to lack knowledge about the shooting abilities of his own players (i.e. Leandro Barbosa).

Is it any wonder this team continues to trumpet the offensively inefficient, defensively-challenged Andrea Bargnani as some sort of franchise building block?

Moving on, the Raptors hold tight at number 28 in the latest edition of SB Nation's NBA Power Rankings.

Jerryd Bayless gets more aggressive.

Sonny Weems wants a dog hockey team.

Remember these Raptors?

Idiot NBA referee suing reporter over Twitter remark.

In case you needed further proof that Donald Sterling is one of the worst human beings on the planet.