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Raptors HQ Holiday "Ball" Contest Winner is Announced...Finally!

After a few months delay, we finally get a chance to wrap up the last of our contests on the year...

Back around Christmas time we ran a little something we called, the RaptorsHQ Holiday "Ball" Contest.

Essentially we asked readers to tweet their favourite Hedo moments from his time with the Raptors, and we'd throw the best of them in a barrel and pick two winners.

However the contest only got one round deep thanks to a slew of Raptors activity around Christmas, and we're only now getting to put the finishing touches on it.

We had a ton of great tweets though, from comments on "the Hedo face," to of course, a breakdown on the infamous "Ball" interview, that will forever be etched in Raptors' lore.

However we needed to pick two winners, so we narrowed the tweets down to our 10 favourites, threw them in a hat, and made a random draw last week to decide who gets to boo Hedo with us in a couple weeks.

And our winners are...

@darrenbondy and @jgloverwork!

Congrats guys - we'll give you a shout via the old Twitter to discuss how to pick up tickets etc, and a big thanks to all who participated!