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Raptors' Rapid Recap - Toronto Raptors 74 - Milwaukee Bucks 92

- It was a battle between bad and horrible as both teams struggled to hit the 90 point mark for most of the game.  Yes, the Bucks eventually got to 92 points, but with a half time score of 40-38, it didn't look like either team was going to make it.

- The sad part of the game is that the Raptors had a blueprint to beat the Bucks as DeMar DeRozan was extremely efficient in the first half, and all but ignored in the second.  Why?  Well, with Andrea Bargnani dominating the ball on an extremely inefficient shooting night, DeMar was put on the back burner until he had all but completely cooled off.

- On the Bucks' side, Andrew Bogut created all sorts of problems for the Raptors.  None of the big men could shut him down and if the Bucks merely fed Bogut for 48 minutes, it was highly unlikely that the Raptors would come up with a solution.

- While Leandro Barbosa had a decent game, one has to wonder about the logic of trotting out a player who is injured.  I know that the Raptors need to attempt to win every game for the rest of the year, but what is the point of bringing out someone who the Raptors TV crew explicitly announced was not 100%?  The move makes no sense unless the Raptors are looking to shop him around NOW.  Because who in their right mind still believes the Raptors can make the playoffs?

- Up next are the Spurs.  Facing one of the elite teams of the NBA, the Raptors have about the same chance as a snowball in hell.  It's not going to be pretty with the Raptors coming into the tail end of a back to back.