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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Feb. 8

Today's Marquee Match Up features to guards who took different paths to get to this game.  Find out who else is playing tonight right here ...

Marquee Match Up

8:05pm Creighton @ Drake

This game features two guards that have taken different paths to get here.  Drake’s Kurt Alexander had taken the Junior College path and was named an All American before signing with the Bulldogs.  Creighton’s Jahenns Manigat on the other hand had come to the Blue Jays by way of the REDA prep program out of Burlington. Alexander had been getting a consistent 15-20 minutes a game for the most part this season and has been a spot starter also.  Manigat, conversely, had gotten his first start last week and had played pretty well for someone who got spotty minutes to that point.  Both will be in action tonight and both will likely see about 15 minutes.  Creighton has the upper hand in the overall and conference record areas but this is still anyone’s game.


Here is where anyone else is playing tonight …

7:00pm Chicago State @ IPFW