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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Feb. 4

Today's Marquee Match Up has a Crimson rookie taking on a pack of Tigers.  Find out who else is playing tonight right here ...

Marquee Match Up

7:00pm Harvard @ Princeton

Laurent Rivard has been the surprise rookie in NC-Double-Eh for sure this season and his hot streak from December into January seems to have cooled a bit until last game.  After 0 points in 11 minutes against Columbia last Friday, he came back to score 12 points in 23 minutes the following day against Princeton.  His minute count from that Friday may have had to do with the back-to-back games and it didn’t seem to affect him the following game.  The big question should be "will that continue?"  Harvard will have nothing but back-to-back Friday/Saturday games for the remainder of the season so will that mean that this will be the recurring pattern?  If so, tonight’s game will be an indicator of things to come and his performance tonight may dictate his minutes, and role, for the home stretch for the Crimson. 


And here is where everyone else is playing tonight …

7:00pm Cornell @ Yale

7:00pm Columbia @ Brown

7:00pm St. Peter’s @ Niagara – In the last seven games, Niagara’s Eric Williams has played 15 or more minutes and has had some good and not as good performances.  I would want to check out this game to see first, how many minutes he gets and then how well he plays. 

7:00pm Marist @ Canisius

9:00pm Iona @ Fairfield