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Game Day Thread: Dallas Mavericks vs. Toronto Raptors

Dallas Mavericks vs Toronto Raptors

February 27th, 2011

Sportsnet One - 6:00 PM EST

The club fights one of the top teams in the league to the very finish, the Chicago Bulls, then listlessly walks through the next match against a mediocre Phoenix Suns' team, ending up on the losing side.

Which team shows up tonight?

It better be the club that took it to the Bulls, because a 42 and 16 Mavericks team with the second-best record in the West, is not one to roll over.

The Raps will have to come out strong and get a balanced attack from the starters and the bench, something we discussed today...

...oh...and an off game by Mr. Nowitzki (26 points and 9 rebounds over last eight games) wouldn't hurt...


PS - Some of the HQ team is busy this evening so will be joining late...

...feel free to start the sarcasm without us...