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Tip-In: Davis'd - Griffin Kept Under Wraps in Raptors' 98 to 93 Win Over Clippers

The Toronto Raptors got a much-needed win last night over the LA Clippers and a pair of Davis' helped the cause...

Baron Davis can't even foul correctly.

If you watched the Toronto Raptors 98 to 93 win over the Los Angeles Clippers last night you saw this first-hand, in addition to some of the worst "point guard" play in your life.  The Raptors got only their second win in 18 games thanks to Davis' antics, and a game that probably should have seen Blake Griffin go off for 30 and 20 ended with a rather ho-hum 21 and 15 for the rookie of the year.

Yep, it was the Blake Griffin show last night at the ACC, and the place was buzzing.

Griffin rewarded fans early, including an entire RaptorsHQ crew and co. who were hosting MGD's "Best Seats in the House," with a pretty disgusting finish off an alley from Davis.

But after that, he only took 10 shots as Baron Davis decided he was going to be the star of the night, and showed why he's probably the most frustrating player in the league to watch.  (Not to mention play with.)




Um...that or some other word that would better describe some of the ridiculous heaves he took last night.

Griffin had a size advantage all night and yet the Clippers simply refused to pass him the ball most of the time, and while this boded well for a Raptors' win, it was a strange sight to behold.

It was almost as if the Raptors were playing themselves in a way as we've seen the Dinos employ similar strategies all season, going away from their strengths and what's working.

However Griffin's inability to dominate wasn't only due to BARON. Davis (and I realize how funny it is to say "inability to dominate" considering Griffin's box score numbers), but another Davis as well.

He goes by the name Ed.

Ed Davis was again sensational last night with 14 points, 13 rebounds, 3 blocks and some excellent defense on Griffin that made Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro have to look for some other options offensively, especially without Eric Gordon in the fold thanks to injury.

And as you saw if you watched this game, after Griffin and Davis, it ain't that pretty.

DeAndre Jordan can be a beast inside in terms of rebounding and blocking shots, but last night he was as quiet as a mouse...aside from air-balling yet another free-throw, which has the Air Canada Center in an uproar.

Randy Foye?  You mean he of 2 of 14 shooting?

Brian Cook?  Wait...he's still in the league?

Yep, as the game crept on it slowly became obvious why the Clippers started the season with such a horrid record.

From a Raptors' perspective, Andrea Bargnani had in my opinion, his best game in ages.  He still was fairly inefficient as a scorer going 9 of 21 from the field, but he got to the line 9 times making 8, had 6 rebounds, and I felt did a much better job picking his spots and attacking the rim then he has since...oh...2010.  Again, it's this type of performance that I'd love to see on a nightly basis off the bench or surrounded by some complementary pieces.

Amir Johnson returned but was hampered by foul trouble all night, but DeMar DeRozan turned in another solid game, Sonny Weems had one of his better outings in a while, and Jose Calderon returned to form with 10 points and 11 assists in the win.

A big win I'd argue.


Well for one, it stopped what looked like a certain giant losing stretch once more, but also now is a nice build-up for Wednesday's marquee event.

Yes - the return of Chris Bosh.

After a wack of sparsely attended and quiet games at the ACC, it was nice to hear some real fan noise and hopefully this builds up for Wednesday night.

For the team too this was big as hopefully they can take this mini-momentum into the match as well.

Because while I think most Raptors' fans are rooting for that top 3 lottery pick, I can guarantee that a win like last night's over the Heat would mean just as much in the short-term.