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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Feb. 11

Today we have a Crimson star rising on a front end of an Ivy League back-to-back.  Find out who else is playing tonight right here ...


Marquee Matchup

7:00pm Yale @ Harvard

Though he’s been great all year, Laurent Rivard has cooled off somewhat in the last few weeks.  It may have to do with the back-to-backs that have been happening the last two weeks but he’s still putting up 7.3 points and 2 rebounds off the bench in 19 minutes.  The 7.3 points is particularly impressive since he didn’t score a basket in one game.  Rivard is still option number one as the sixth man so depending on how the game’s outcome looks, he could be going off in a tight game or cooling off in a romp.  Either way, with this game being the first of an Ivy back-to-back for the Crimson, he would need to put up numbers in a hurry since his playing time will be minimized as much as possible since they play again Saturday. 


Here is where everyone else is playing tonight …

7:00pm Princeton @ Columbia

7:00pm Penn @ Cornell

7:00pm Siena @ Iona

7:00pm Niagara @ Loyola (MD)

7:00pm Canisius @ Rider