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Game Day Thread: Toronto Raptors vs. Dallas Mavericks

Toronto Raptors vs Dallas Mavericks
December 30, 2011
TSN - 8:30 PM EST

So Toronto polishes off a Cleveland team they were expected to beat, then barely loses against an Indiana club they weren't supposed to come close to beating...

...any idea what we can expect tonight against the defending NBA Champs?

Ok let's do away with the "defending NBA champs" title for starters, because this is hardly last year's title winning team. Dallas has lost all three of its first games to start the year, including whippings at the hands of the Heat and Nuggets. In fact last night's loss to Oklahoma City thanks to a Kevin Durant buzzer-beater was as close as this club has come to a win SINCE winning the title last summer, having lost both preseason games to OKC too!

That doesn't mean this is an easy Raptors' win but having seen Dallas play so far this year, I'm expecting another Indiana type match that Toronto is at least in until the very end.