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Game Day Thread: Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers


Toronto Raptors vs Cleveland Cavaliers
December 26, 2011
Sportsnet One - 7:00 PM EST

And we're off.

Yep, for a while it didn't look like this day would come but in the end, Toronto Raptors' fans get themselves an NBA season, one that tipped off yesterday with a slew of marquee teams playing on Christmas Day.

The Raps get their opener today, and while it's against the lowly Cavs in Cleveland, and while both teams are expected to be among the league's worst, there's admittedly a bit of excitement to finally seeing the team play some real basketball.

I'm not expecting this one to be pretty, and I'm guessing some fans will be hoping to start the lottery drive off with a loss tonight, but I'm calling for a Dinos win to start the year.

Hey, if they can't beat the Cavs, we're all in for a really long season, even if it's only 66 games...

As one of our readers points out in this video he sent over, it's game time!