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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Dec. 23

We have a few games before the Christmas break, and some really good ones at that, including Justin Edwards and Maine and St. Bonaventure and the trio of Nicholson, Wright and Johnson. Check out who's playing today right here ...

Unfortunately, I'm out of town for a little bit and I'm sneaking this post in the back room of my in laws computer room and I won't be able to get into too deep a preview. Please accept my apologies and my well wishes for the holiday weekend everyone. I've highlighted the games you should really think about skipping out on work or last second shopping to watch if you can. I'll get back to the usual posts once I'm back at home ...

Here is when the men are playing today ...

2:00pm Maine @ Brown - Maine's Justin Edwards has been under 20 points in the last two games but is still playing great. Mike Allison has also come back to the lineup to play great so far also.

5:00pm California @ UNLV

5:30pm Bethune-Cookman vs. Tennessee Tech

7:00pm St. Francis (PA) @ St. Bonaventure - Andrew Nicholson has been steady for the Bonnies despite defenses double and triple teaming him. Matthew Wright has been playing well, albeit inconsistently, in the starting roll but he seems more comfortable now.

8:00pm Wagner @ Pittsburgh - Wagner's Tyler Murray will have a great test tonight against the tough backcourt of Pitt. A great game here could be in the works.

9:00pm Baylor @ West Virginia - Baylor's Brady Heslip had been dropping nothing but threes in the last few games, four to be exact. The interesting thing to watch is whether he drops any twos.

10:30pm Richmond @ UCLA

And here is where the women are playing today ...

8:00pm NJIT @ Minnesota

8:30pm Green Bay @ Wisconsin - Megan Lukan has been a heavy minute player for Green Bay thus far this season and could be in for a breakout game.