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Raptors Rapid Recap: Sacramento 112 Toronto 118

- With most people focused on the NFL playoffs the Raptors matched-up against the Sacramento Kings and came away with a much needed W.  In a game that featured some great offense and no defense the Raptors simply scored more than their opponent led by Andrea Bargnani, DeMar DeRozan and a big fourth quarter from Leandro Barbosa.

- It was really a battle of two immature teams that need time to grow. The inexperience of both squads was readily apparent with some back shot selection at times and absolutely no regard for anything even remotely looking like defense. During one time out Jay Triano actually told his team they had not played D all afternoon. Had this been any team other than the Kings it is hard to believe the Raptors would have won.

- Offensively this games was a treat to watch. Before you could blink there was another 6 points up on the scoreboard. Shots were dropping from everywhere (the Raptors hit their first 10 shots). If you are a basketball purist this was not the game for you.

- Triano continues to baffle me at times. In a game with so little defense I am left wondering why it took him so long to insert Julian Wright. Wright is not an all-defensive player but he has had such a positive impact on ball games as of late it would have been nice to see him before the fourth quarter. On the flip side Triano did find a line-up that worked featuring DeRozan at the three and managed to get the win as a result.

- For as much as Triano can be frustrating I can't imagine being a Kings fan. Coach Westfall make some questionable moves today including re-inserting Cousins into the game before half only to see him pick up another foul ensuring he logged limited minutes in the second half. Speaking of Cousins the kid has so much talent. If only you could but someone else's head on that body.

- All in all a needed W, but nothing the team should be proud of.