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Raptors Rapid Recap - Boston Celtics 122 - Toronto Raptors 102

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-No KG, no problem.  The Boston Celtics raced out to a big lead and never looked back in a 122 to 102 thrashing of the Toronto Raptors.  The Dinos were outplayed in every way possible for the second time in their last three matches, and allowed Boston to shoot nearly 60 per cent from the field.  It wasn't close, and despite a few runs to get within 13 or 14 points, you never got the feeling TO had a chance.

-Further proof that Boston dominated Toronto?  Luke Harangody joined the "Stub" team; scrubs who play like studs against the Raptors' defence.  He had a career-high 17 points along with 11 boards and 2 blocks in the win.  Boston barely needed guys like Rondo (9 points, 7 assists) and Shaq (12 points and 6 assists.)

-On the Raptors side of things, the team was led offensively by DeMar DeRozan with 20 points, while Linas Kleiza and Andrea Bargnani both had 17 in the loss.  Unfortunately none of the 3 played a lick of D and while the points totals look nice, the trio combined for a solid -48 mark on the evening.

-It's back to the drawing board now for TO.  They face a Sacto team that's starting to get it together a bit on Sunday, and could use the break between now and then to at least get back to playing some semblance of defence.  Jay Triano has to be concerned as well considering his troops were out-rebounded, out-assisted, and simply out-efforted in every way.

-However Triano has to share in the blame here as well.  After playing a huge part in Toronto's win over Cleveland on Wednesday night, Julian Wright was nailed to the bench yet again, for all but garbage time, and Joey Dorsey played 9 minutes himself despite looking like the only option to move Shaq and Big Baby out of the paint.  Until Triano gets the right rotation of players going, I'm expecting a lot more nights like this.