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The second round of NBA All-Star voting returns were released yesterday. There's not much to look at if you're a Toronto Raptors fan. Although it is interesting to note that Chris Bosh — who took his talents to South Beach in part to increase his exposure and marketability — received twice as many votes as a Raptor.

In the latest edition of Statophile, Raptors Republic's Tom Liston explores the pluses and minuses of +/-.

Jose Calderon is proving his worth. But with little depth behind the injury-prone Calderon, the Raptors are looking for a point guard.

Ed Davis might end up being the steal of the lottery, according to ESPN's David Thorpe, who currently ranks him eighth among this season's rookie class. Davis also grabs an honourable mention in Holly MacKenzie's Rated Rookies column.

Does DeMar DeRozan belong in one of the worst dunk contest lineups of all time (outside of Blake Griffin)? DeRozan certainly feels so.

Former Raptor Tracy Murray is looking to shed some pounds.

Schedule-adjusted offensive and defensive ratings from

You might be obsessed with the NBA if...

With defence like this, Jason Terry would fit in with the Raptors' wings.

Newsflash: Donald Sterling sucks as a human being.