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The Toronto Raptors have waived forward Ronald Dupree. Meanwhile, the New Orleans Hornets have waived former Raptor (and fan favourite) Pops Mensah-Bonsu.

The Toronto Raptors rank 23rd in the latest edition of SB Nation's NBA Power Rankings.

Sports Illustrated's Britt Robson rains on the DeMar DeRozan parade:

How did second-year swingman DeMar DeRozan manage to score 37 points yet finish a team-worst minus-14 in Toronto's nine-point loss to Houston on Friday? Well, he helped negate the Raptors' ball movement, finishing with zero assists in 33 minutes. And he was playing a Rockets team with horrible perimeter defenders who don't mind trying to outscore opponents. On Sunday, DeRozan had a team-high 27 points against the tougher Celtics, along with three assists to go with five turnovers, but again was a team worst in plus/minus, at minus-17. Those who gush over his 32-point average compensating for the absence of leading scorer Andrea Bargnani should note that in those two games Toronto was minus-31 in the 74 minutes DeRozan played -- and plus-8 in the 22 minutes he sat.

Could the decrease in foul rates of Amir Johnson, Joey Dorsey and Ed Davis have something to do with Andrea Bargnani's recent absence? Check out the latest Wins Produced numbers and analysis from the NBeh? blog.

According to Arturo Galletti's Gimme the Rock Metric, Jose Calderon is one of nine point guards who qualify as above average.

ESPN's John Hollinger projects the Raptors to go 18-31 over the remainder of the season.

The case against field goal percentage from Basketball Prospectus' Ken Pomeroy.