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Raptors' Rapid Recap - Chicago Bulls 111 - Toronto Raptors 91

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-The Toronto Raptors managed to hang around for a quarter but fell on their faces in the second Q as the Chicago Bulls road a 30 to 14 advantage in that session to walk away with a 111 to 91 win.  By the time this one was over, and Bulls' fans were chanting for Brian Scalabrine, it didn't even seem that close as the Raps were essentially out of it for a good chunk of the second half.

-Leading the way for the Bulls was Taj Gibson with 16 points and 14 rebounds in only 25 minutes off the bench. Toronto had no answer for the former teammate of Demar DeRozan, nor did they have an answer for the Bulls' other bigs like Carlos Boozer and Omer Asik, who bullied the Dinos on the glass 44 to 33 when all was said and done.

-However it all started with Derrick Rose who had 19 points, 6 assists, and too many forays into the paint to count.  With the Raptors' game plan predicated on trapping Rose using their big men, this left the club exposed underneath and quickly the Bulls used this to their advantage.

-Toronto also shot themselves in the foot thanks to turnovers, a major issue for the team of late.  The Raptors turned it over 18 times on the night and the Bulls used these cough-ups to pile on lots of easy baskets early.  With a hobbled Jerryd Bayless running the point, Jose Calderon sat this one out due to injury, the offense could never really get in synch and it quickly became obvious as to which team was contending for an NBA title, and which one was contending for a top pick in next spring's lottery.

-Andrea Bargnani did return for the Raptors and led Toronto with 23 points, but it was hardly a smashing success. He played a good deal of one-on-five and didn't shoot a great percentage, although he did hit all eight of his free-throws. DeMar DeRozan struggled with Andrea on the court, but thanks to some garbage time near the game's end, finished with 18 points himself in the loss.

-We'll get into the nuts and bolts of this one more tomorrow but safe to say this was a pretty low point on the season. The team looked like it gave up by the time the fourth quarter arrived, and again, there were very few positives to take from the loss, unless you've got the under in Vegas or are praying for a shot at Irving, Sullinger and co.  Toronto turns around now and faces the Cavs tomorrow night, another team looking for a top lottery pick, but if the effort is at all like it was this evening, we can pencil in an L already.