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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Jan. 4

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Today's Marquee Match Up has a Razorback taking on a Longhorn in the paint as well as on the perimeter.  Find out who else is playing tonight right here ...

Marquee Match Up

9:00pm Arkansas @ Texas

This is a game that will be fun to watch.  Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph have been a story in themselves this season with both players having come out like gangbusters.  Though they haven’t put on great games together, when one has been having a less than spectacular game the other has seemingly carried the team.  Last game it was Thompson who had 22 points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks and this game he’ll likely be going head to head with Canadian Marvell Waithe.  Waithe was inserted into the starting lineup in place of the trouble talent Marshawn Powell three games ago and has been very productive He’s averaging 8.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and a block in about 20 minutes of action in a starting role and he will have his hands full with Thompson.  These two going head to head will be fun to watch.  Joseph on the other hand will be looking to check Rotnei Clarke who’s had four 20 point games already this season and is the team’s leading scorer.  That match up will be equally interesting to watch also.


And here is where everyone else is playing tonight …

7:00pm Indiana @ MinnesotaDevoe Joseph is not playing in this game and it’s worth mentioning if you don’t already know. 

8:05pm Drake @ Wichita StateKurt Alexander had been inserted into the starting lineup for Drake three games ago and has played like he’s been there all season.  In his three games as a starter he’s averaging 10.7 points and 4 assists in 26 minutes.  Against an 11-2 Wichita State team, Alexander will have to bring it for Drake to have a shot at winning this game.

8:30pm Mississippi Valley @ Arkansas-Pine Bluff