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DeMar DeRozan finally showing signs of life, according to TSN's Tim Chisholm.

Jack Armstrong has five thoughts on the injury depleted Toronto Raptors and five more on the NBA at large.

Forward Amir Johnson did not practise Monday because of a sore back, but will travel and probably play through pain. Starting point guard Jose Calderon is questionable. Reserve point guard Jerryd Bayless (sprained ankle) should be back on Tuesday night to relieve Calderon if needed. And Andrea Bargnani, who practised Monday, could suit up as early as Tuesday as well.

According to ESPN's John Hollinger, the Raptors have a 7.2 percent chance of making the playoffs and are projected to finish with a 29-53 record. They have a 6.5 percent chance of getting the first overall pick.

Courtside Analyst ranks each NBA team according to most Efficient Points scored per game and fewest Efficient Points allowed per game. The Raptors are middle of the pack offensively and second-last defensively.