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From Long Distance with Jevohn Sheperd

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Our man in Germany Jevohn Sheperd gives us another taste of the pro life in his lates installment of From Long Distance ...
Our man in Germany Jevohn Sheperd gives us another taste of the pro life in his lates installment of From Long Distance ...

Check out our second installment of From Long Distance with pro baller Jevohn Sheperd, who is currently tearing it up in Germany, talking about this last two weeks, answers some fan questions and wishes he can still touch his toes ...

What up everyone!  Here I am back at it with my second blog of the season. I mentioned in the last blog that I had a coaching change for the second half of the season that seems to be going well.  Our team is now 2-1 (a loss to Webmoebel and wins over Freiburg and Hiedelberg) under the new coach.  The adjustment was not as hard as I thought it would be since many of the offensive sets are similar, lots of movement and getting everyone involved. However, he is a bit more structured and has implemented some defensive principles we did not have before. The hardest part was getting back into game shape after taking two weeks off over the break. It’s funny because I made it through practices fine, but after the practices when my muscles cooled down I felt aches in places I never felt before! It took a lot of water and a lot of stretching to get back, but I'm good now and the rest was needed. It was actually the first time I've had off since participating in the World Championships with Canada this summer.  Hopefully I’ll get some rest this coming summer, get myself some hot yoga classes so I can touch my toes and feel my youth again, LOL.


Raptor Rabid I read your post from Blog 1, thanks for taking the time to read it. In response to your question, I believe you can perceive it as negativity or embrace it! If you weren't doing something right you wouldn't be demanding attention. At the same token, extracting from critiques can also be beneficial if you use it as motivation or accept it as constructive criticism and build on your weaknesses. It’s important to always strive for perfection, so if you have to find your flaws through those who take pleasure in critiquing you, 'by any means necessary.' It may sound cliché but 90% of the battle is mental and I wish I was more prepared in that sense during college.  But I'm fortunate to have grasped that now.  As for the language barrier, it has not been that difficult.  The Germans along with my coach speak English very well. I've learned a little myself, mainly foods, other little things I've caught on to by facial expressions and gestures. Maybe one of these days I'll show you guys my versatility, but that’s another blog. All in all, it's a great experience.  It forces you to step outside your box and assimilate.


Nothing to exciting has happened out here since I've been back.  We’ve had two away games out of the three so I haven't been out much. I'm sure I’ll have a story of a night out shortly, PG of course.  That’s the rating not ball talk. I want to say congratulations to my sister for giving birth to a healthy baby boy Jaidan, that leaves me with two nephews (Jaylan, Jaidan) and two nieces( Aliyah, Yanniah) I guess I’m next (to babysit).  Also want to send a shout out to my Big Bro Patrick Tatham who celebrated his 94th Birthday this month, some of you may be familiar with him; he played at Cleveland State before playing professionally overseas and is now coaching at Stoneridge Prep (sorry folks, couldn't find a link to the ball team) in California.




Jevohn is currently leading his team in scoring and is second in both rebounding and assists.  Follow his team, GiroLive-Ballers Osnabruek here at or if you speak and read German you can follow him here on the GiroLive-Ballers team site.  Look forward to more from our man Shep in Germany and if you have any questions for him about ball, life and just about anything else, just post them in our comments section below or you can email them to and we'll be sure to send them over to Shep asap.