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Lunchbox Links

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The Toronto Raptors announced Monday they have acquired centre Alexis Ajinca, a future second-round draft pick and cash considerations from the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for the draft rights to forward Giorgos Printezis. In the transaction, the Raptors reacquired the second-round selection they sent to Dallas in June for the draft rights to Solomon Alabi.

The Raptors also signed Sundiata Gaines to a second 10-day contract.

TSN's Tim Chisholm drops what could be the comment of the season at the end of his most recent column:

But still, it's kind of hilarious to watch a team sacrifice talent and wins in an effort to acquire talent and wins.

SB Nation's Rohan Cruyff looks at a new way to see speed in the NBA.

Which Raptor performances rank among the 100 Best Games of the Season?

The Toronto Star's Dave Feschuk is pretty excited about Darryl Dawkins "coaching" DeMar DeRozan, as the latter prepares for the dunk contest. How else do you explain two columns in less than a week about the same subject?

According to SB Nation's Evan Dunlap, point guard Jose Calderon ranks better than the median in both shooting and passing.

Despite one of the highest usage rates in the league, Andrea Bargnani is not producing in the clutch. Il Mago is also among the leading candidates for Hickory High's coveted Matt Bullard and Darius Songaila awards.

The Wages of Wins Journal takes a very early look at the 2011 NBA Draft.

Tim W. of the Picket Fence on how he learned to stop worrying and love rebuilding.

Check out every team's projected wins at the end of each week of the season.

The Raptors continue to slide towards the bottom of the league in Wayne Winston's NBA Ratings... but at least they don't have any players on this list of the NBA's worst contracts.

Last season's Raptors squad posted one of the biggest defensive FT/FGA declines.

Beloved former Raptor Charles Oakley has taken his tough-guy persona to the Charlotte Bobcats' bench.

Slam Online asks why Ohio U won't show former Raptor Gary Trent - the Shaq of the Mac - any love.

Who wants to see a mascot in a Lamond Murray jersey?

Last night's New Jersey Nets-Cleveland Cavaliers game was definitely not the hottest ticket in the NBA.

Even when offering a compliment, LeBron James still comes off like a massive douche.