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MGD and RaptorsHQ's "Friday Night Ball" Contest Part II

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Back in December we kicked off the first in our series of MGD and RHQ collabo competitions...this month we bring you part II.

As mentioned back in December, RaptorsHQ is proud to be partnering with Miller Genuine Draft this season for a series of contests.  

The first two are for MGD's "Guys Night Out" seats, with the third being the biggie in February; the HQ grabbing the MGD "Best Seats in the House" for Toronto's February 13th match against Blake Griffin and the Clippers.

For this month's contest though we've got two tickets to this Friday's match; Raptors vs Bucks.

How do you enter for a chance to win?

It's pretty simple.

Just "like" our Facebook page, and that of MGD, and be one of the first two readers to email us with the correct answer to the following question.


DeMar DeRozan is now the fifth leading sophomore scorer in the league thanks to his recent January spurt.  Name two of the four sophomore players with higher scoring averages.

Our email address again is so fire us a note (comments section doesn't count.)  We'll keep the contest open until noon tomorrow and then announce the winners on the site later that evening.

In addition, if you participated in our holiday "ball" contest, we're still waiting to finalize some details on the next round of things.  However we've saved our top answers, and will be rolling out the final round in the next few weeks.

A big thanks to MGD and as usual, keep checking back with MGD's Facebook page throughout the season for more great contests and giveaways!