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Raptors Rapid Recap: Washington Wizards 98 - Toronto Raptors 95

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- NBA games are four quarters. Unfortunately, somebody forgot to tell a Raptors team that sandwiched two poor defensive quarters in between a decent start and finish.

- Where would the Raptors be without Jose Calderon? He fell just one rebound shy of a triple-double and absolutely dominated his matchup with rookie sensation John Wall.

- Wall wasn't even the best rookie on the floor tonight. Ed Davis finished with 15 points, eight rebounds and one block.

- The story of the game was second-chance points (23-8 for the Wizards), rebounding (48-39 in favour of the Wizards) and Nick Young. Young exploded for 17 points in the 3rd quarter on his way to 29 points on the evening.

- Andrea Bargnani got off to a painfully slow start before heating up offensively in the second half. But the Lowlight of the Night had to be watching Bargnani stop his run on defense at one point while allowing Yi Jianlian to drive uncontested for a dunk.

- In an effort to force overtime, newcomer Sundiata Gaines couldn't re-create the magic of a year ago when he hit a game-winning buzzer beater as a member of the Utah Jazz.

- When will the Raptors win again? It's hard to say. Tonight's matchup with the Wizards probably represented their most realistic shot at a win until February, with games against the Hornets, Spurs, Magic and Heat on deck. So unless they can raise their level of play to match their upcoming opponents, it could be a very cold January for the Dinos.