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Lunchbox Links

The Toronto Raptors return to action tonight against the Detroit Pistons at Air Canada Centre. For more on the matchup, check out the game notes.

Sundiata Gaines speaks to the media following yesterday's practice.

Marc Stein tweets that Solomon Alabi might be on his way back to the big show.

Sportsnet's Paul Jones rants about NBA officiating.

Ira Winderman thinks the NBA needs to adopt a compensatory system similar to what football and baseball offer in the wake of the loss of free agents.

Check out the Week 11 Auto WP Numbers and analysis from NBeh? blog's Devin Dignam.

The latest schedule-adjusted offensive and defensive ratings from

Reordering the first round of the 2008 NBA Draft using Marginal Win Score.

The son of former Raptor Popeye Jones looks like a surefire NHL prospect.

Hoffa is a homeless man's version of Shaquille O'Neal.

Steve Nash's career is wasting away in the desert.

Bill Simmons attempts to solve the Carmelo Anthony situation.