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From Long Distance - With Jevohn Shepherd

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Jevohn Shepherd is our latest Canadian baller giving us a taste of the overseas life in From Long Distance. (Osnabruck Girolive Basketball Club)
Jevohn Shepherd is our latest Canadian baller giving us a taste of the overseas life in From Long Distance. (Osnabruck Girolive Basketball Club)

With a New Year we have a new contributor to our pro blog From Long Distance. We've been able to secure the writing services of Toronto native and National Team member Jevohn Shepherd who is currently playing in Germany now. Find out what his life is like right here ...

For all of you who don't know, and should know, Jevohn Shepherd had a stellar high school career at West Hill Collegiate in Toronto earning a scholarship to the University of Michigan. After he finished up as a Wolverine, he began his pro career that first saw him suite up for the Halifax Rainmenof the PBL. Between seasons, Shep played for the National Program and last summer played on both the Men's Development Team and earned a spot on the Senior Men's National Team for their run at the World Championships in Turkey. Now Jevohn is playing in Germany in the Pro A division with a few other Canadians. Check out his pro life right here ...

Happy New Year to everyone, I know mine was great. This was the first new years I’ve been able to spend home with my family in about 7 years. Where to start where to start, first would like to thank Ray for asking me to do this blog and be a part of the Can Ball Report on No Jevohn thank you, sir). I am currently playing professionally overseas in Germany for the Osnabruck Girolive Ballers (in the Beko Bundesliga). When asked to write this blog I felt this would be a great time to start seeing as though so much has happen over the last couple months and even so over the mid season break. Personally I’m having a great year statistically but most importantly we have a great team and have remained injury free for the first half of the season. All in all it’s been a great start to my professional career in Europe (Shep currently leads his team in scoring while placing prominently in other categories).

First would like to send a big shout out to my teammates this year as I’m in flight on the way back for the second half of the season and realize how much we've all leaned on each other through the ups and downs of the season. We started out the season 6-0 before eventually losing to the second place team at the time. We didn't handle the loss too well as we are a young team and took few more (losses) after so now we currently sit in 3rd place. This was the first lesson I learned basketball-wise while overseas. Unlike the NBA we play a game, maybe two, per week so every game is extremely important as I found out fast. We fell from the first place team to the 4th within two weeks. Fortunately we had a great start so we are still in contention for a top finish if we continue on the right path. I’ve also had to adjust to the style of play as it is much more team oriented and movement of the ball in addition to fundamentals are essential at this level.

The second half of the season should be interesting. I was laying in my bed one morning and went on some websites I usually look over before starting my day and found out that the coach I had started with had been released and the team had hired another. I guess this is the business aspect to the game now lol. I’ve decided to take a positive from it and grateful that a lot has been thrown at me in my first year. So going forward nothing will be new to me as I will be groomed for it all and can focus on producing on the court.

Life in Europe is a little different but a great experience at the same time. I’ve noticed that there are many cultural differences and am thankful that I have the opportunity to experience them as many aren't as fortunate. The food has been interesting to say the least but I must say the foods are much more natural and healthier. I’ve learned to cook while away just so I can have some things I’m more familiar with but it’s still nothing like my grandmas cooking so I call her from time to time and get instructions lol. Food in the grocery store is a lot cheaper let’s just say a bag of milk is 50 cents. Ya you read right, 50 cents! But I guess it all evens out when you take into consideration that the gas prices are relatively higher as well especially when you convert the euro to the dollar id say approximately $2.00/L

Well I just ate and my eyes are getting heavy perfect timing because I have about 6 hours left on this flight hopefully I can sleep through it. I’ll have another blog with updates on the new coach and everything else in blog two.

P.S. want to send a big congrats to the Canadian Junior National Hockey team on a silver medal. Although many are a little disappointed it is still a major accomplishment and unless you've put in the hard work, sweat and tears they have a congrats rather than criticism is in order.

A big shout to J-Shep for taking the time and doing this for us. Tune in right here for the next installment of Jevohn Shepard and his life as a baller abroad in From Long Distance ...