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The Toronto Raptors came out on top when ESPN's John Hollinger rated the NBA's top benches using his Player Efficiency Rating. Taking issue with Hollinger's PER metric, the Miami Heat Index applied Wins Produced to the bench ratings and the Raptors still ranked sixth overall.

Andrea Bargnani is leading the race for the NBA's Biggest Dud (the most terrible games in the league, according to Wins Produced).

Reggie Evans, Joey Dorsey and Linas Kleiza are among the 50 Least Efficient Offense Producers, according to ezPM. The first two are no surprise, but Kleiza's inclusion is a bit shocking considering his one skill is supposed to be scoring.

The Raptors rank 27th in Arturo Galletti's NBA Now Rankings.

Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo gambles that card games foster camaraderie.

It's a common belief that the long two is the least efficient shot in basketball, but the mid-range shot is actually slightly worse.

Otis Smith admits letting Hedo Turkoglu go was a mistake. In a related story, Colangelo admits letting Turkoglu go was one of the best moves of his career.

Is Doug Christie advising fellow pussy-whipped baller Carmelo Anthony?

Did Kim Kardashian dump former Raptor Kris Humphries for Kanye West?

Walt 'Clyde' Frazier is all kinds of awesome.