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Raptors Media Day 2010 - Send Us Your Questions for the Team!

At last, Media Day for the 2010-11 season is here!

It's time for Bryan Colangelo to tell us just how "young and exciting" this year's club will be, time for players to talk about how much they've improved over the summer, and time for quotes from Jay Triano and his staff discussing how the team should "surprise a lot of folks."

Much like in previous years, a few of us here at the HQ will be on the scene grabbing interviews, photos, video and other exclusives, and again this year, we want to hear from you the reader.  

-Want to ask Jose how upset he is about almost being traded?

-Want to ask Andrea how he feels about being "the man" now?

-Or how about Colangelo himself, want to know just what direction he's trying to take this team in?

However this year, instead of posting the questions on the site, hit us up at our new Facebook page which will be the hub for today's action.  We'll be posting video and live commentary when possible, and of course, you can still follow along via Twitter (twitter/raptorshq, twitter/raphqvicious, as all three addresses will be tweeting about the event as it unfolds.

It should be an interesting time this afternoon given the state of the club at present, and...well I just hope we don't get tossed when one of us asks Colangelo what he was thinking signing Hedo Turkoglu last year...