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Lunchbox Links

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The Globe and Mail's Bruce Dowbiggin opines that bloggers should be forced to put up a bond of $10,000 if they want a place in a press box or dressing room. That's a lot of money for someone living in their mom's basement. As a result, the HQ will be selling lemonade and crack at the corner of Bay and Bloor in Toronto in order to raise our $10,000. (via Deadspin)

Sonny Weems is the big winner in the Raptors Republic "wins per million" sweepstakes. The loser, of course, is none other than Andrea Bargnani (keeping in mind this is BEFORE his massive contract extension has even kicked in).

Everyone hates LeBron... and Chris Bosh.

Raptors legend Pops Mensah-Bonsu is returning to the NBA this week.

The Zan Tabak Herald looks at five things we have learned from the world championships.

A U.S. professor with a love for b-ball sees a parallel between surprise teams and laissez-faire public policy.